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Скутер википедия транспорт


Скутер википедия транспорт

Скутер - это очень удобный, легкий и сравнительно недорогой вид транспорта. Часто скутер включает в себя цельный кузов, а также подставку для ног, которая позволяет удобно сидеть на транспортном средстве практически как на стуле. Расход топлива - около 4 литров на км, что позволяет экономить при езде. Кроме того, скутер легко запарковать и хранить, например, компактные модели скутеров в сложенном состоянии свободно помещаются в спортивную сумку. Скутер — это сравнительно недорогой, мобильный и очень удобный транспорт, "заточенный" под передвижение в черте города.

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Двигатель мотороллера обычно располагается под сиденьем, а колёса имеют уменьшенный диаметр. У мотороллера все механизмы закрыты панелями, а силовой агрегат построен по схеме блок-мотор-колесо.

Scooter (motorcycle)

Elements of scooter design were present in some of the earliest motorcycles, and scooters have been made since at least The original layout is still widely used in this application. Scooters are popular for personal transportation partly due to being more affordable, easier to operate, and more convenient to park and store than a car.

Licensing requirements for scooters are easier and cheaper than for cars in most parts of the world, and insurance is usually cheaper. The term motor scooter is sometimes used to avoid confusion with kick scooter , but can then be confused with motorized scooters , another distinct kind of scooter. The Shorter Oxford English Dictionary defines a motor scooter is a motorcycle similar to a kick scooter with a seat, a floorboard, and small or low wheels.

Unlike a conventional motorcycle, in which the engine is mounted on the frame, most modern scooters allow the engine to swing with the rear wheel, while most vintage scooters and some newer retro models have an axle-mounted engine. Modern scooters starting from lates generally use a continuously variable transmission CVT , while older ones use a manual transmission with the gearshift and clutch control built into the left handlebar.

Scooters usually feature bodywork, including a front leg shield and body that conceals all or most of the mechanicals. There is often some integral storage space, either under the seat, built into the front leg shield, or both. Traditionally, scooter wheels are smaller than conventional motorcycle wheels and are made of pressed steel or cast aluminum alloy, bolt on easily, and often are interchangeable between front and rear. Some scooters carry a spare wheel. Many recent scooters use conventional front forks with the front axle fastened at both ends.

Most jurisdictions do not differentiate between scooters and motorcycles. However, while NHTSA excludes the term motor scooter from legal definition, it proceeds, in the same document, to give detailed instructions on how to import a small motor scooter.

As of [update] the US state of California has a highly complex regulatory system for 2- and 3-wheeled vehicles. It classifies vehicles with fewer than four wheels into the following categories: [4]. The emissions of mopeds and scooters have been the subject of multiple studies.

In Genoa, the home of the Vespa scooter, 2-stroke engine scooters made before are banned since Scooter-like traits began to develop in motorcycle designs around the s.

Their motorcycle had a step-through frame, with its fuel tank mounted on the down tube, its parallel two-cylinder engine mounted low on the frame, and its cylinders mounted in line with the frame. It was water-cooled and had a radiator built into the top of the rear fender. It became the first mass-produced and publicly sold powered two-wheel vehicle, and among the first powered mainly by its engine rather than foot pedals.

The rear wheel was driven directly by rods from the pistons in a manner similar to the drive wheels of steam locomotives. In France, the Auto-Fauteuil was introduced in This was basically a step-through motorcycle with an armchair instead of a traditional saddle. Production continued until The Motoped entered production in , and is believed to be the first motor scooter. The number of scooter manufacturers and designs increased after World War I. The reputation of first-generation scooters was damaged by a glut of unstable machines with flexible frames, [20] [24] and more substantial examples like the Reynolds Runabout and the Unibus were too expensive to be competitive.

Foster Salsbury and Austin Elmore developed the Salsbury Motor Glide, which was a division of Northrop Aircraft , [25] a scooter with a seat above an enclosed drivetrain, and began production in in California.

In , Salsbury introduced a more powerful scooter with a continuously variable transmission CVT. This was the first use of a CVT on a scooter. The Motor Glide set the standards for all later models. The Cushman Company produced motor scooters from to Cushman and Salsbury competed against each other, with both companies advertising the economy of their scooters. Cushman introduced a centrifugal clutch to their scooters in Salsbury continued manufacturing scooters until , [31] while Cushman continued until It had a fiberglass body, a continuously variable transmission , and a pull-cord starting mechanism.

Typical Cushman scooter, this one sold by Sears under the Allstate brand. After World War II, wartime aircraft manufacturers were forbidden from making aircraft, and had to find other products to make in order to stay in business. Inspired by Powell scooters used by American servicemen, the S1 was designed to use surplus military parts, including the tailwheel of a Nakajima bomber, re-purposed as the front wheel of the S1.

Production of the Mitsubishi Silver Pigeon and the Fuji Rabbit continued through several series until the s. Mitsubishi Silver Pigeon. The gear shift lever was moved to the handlebars for easier riding. The engine was placed near the rear wheel, eliminating the belt drive.

The typical fork support was replaced by an arm similar to an aircraft carriage for easier tire-changing. The body design protected the driver from wind and road dirt. The smaller wheels and shorter wheelbase provide improved maneuverability through narrow streets and congested traffic.

Months after the Vespa, in , Innocenti introduced the Lambretta , beginning a rivalry with Vespa. The Lambretta was named after Lambrate, the Milanese neighborhood where the factory stood. It was efficient, at a time when fuel was severely rationed. The first Lambretta designs had shaft drive and no rear suspension, later designs used various drive and suspension systems until Lambretta settled on a swingarm-mounted engine with chain drive.

Also other Italian firms manufactured scooters in s and s, like Italjet and Iso. Heinkel stayed in business by making bicycles and mopeds, [45] while Messerschmitt made sewing machines and automobile parts. The Heinkel Tourist was a large and relatively heavy touring scooter produced in the s. It provided good weather protection with a full fairing, and the front wheel turned under a fixed nose extension. It had effective streamlining, perhaps thanks to its aircraft ancestry.

Heinkel scooters were known for their reliability. Glas , a manufacturer of agricultural machinery, made the Goggo scooter from to Glas discontinued scooter production to concentrate on its Goggomobil microcar.

Several manufacturers in the German motorcycle industry made scooters. NSU made Lambrettas under licence from to , during which they developed their Prima scooter. Extremely reliable and very well made, many of these scooters still exist today. Maico built the large Maicoletta scooter in the s. It had a single cylinder piston-port two-stroke engine , with four foot-operated gears and centrifugal fan cooling.

In the United Kingdom, Douglas manufactured the Vespa under licence from to and assembled them from to In Eastern Bloc countries scooters also became popular in the second half of s, but their production was a result of planned economy rather than market competition. In East Germany , IWL manufactured several own design cc and cc scooters most notably SR 59 Berlin from to , when the authorities decided to switch the production to trucks.

It was discontinued in Beginning as a joint-venture with Piaggio in , LML, in addition to being a large parts supplier for Piaggio, produced the P-Series scooters for the Indian market. A popular 4-stroke engine in Chinese production is the GY6 engine , but electric motor-scooters are constantly increasing in the Chinese home market share.

Flyscooters Il Bello China. Trends around the world have seen new developments of the classic scooter, some with larger engines and tires. High-end scooter models now include comprehensive technological features, including cast aluminium frames, engines with integral counterbalancing, and cross-linked brake systems. Some of these scooters have comfort features such as an alarm, start button, radio, windshield , heated hand grips and full instrumentation including clock or outside temperature gauge.

During World War II, Cushman made the Model 39, a three-wheeled utility scooter with a large storage bin between the front wheels. They sold to the US military during the war. The Piaggio MP3 is a modern tilting three-wheeled scooter.

Unlike most motorcycle trikes, it is a reverse trike, with two front wheels which steer, and a single driven rear wheel. The front suspension allows both front wheels to tilt independently, so that all three wheels remain in contact with the ground as it leans when cornering.

A new direction in maxi-scooters has the engine fixed to the frame. This arrangement improves handling by allowing bigger wheels and less unsprung weight, also tending to move the centre of gravity forwards. The trend toward larger, more powerful scooters with fully automatic transmissions converges with an emerging trend in motorcycle design that foreshadows automatic transmission motorcycles with on-board storage.

Examples include the Aprilia Mana automatic-transmission motorcycle and the Honda NCD Integra , which is a scooter built on a motorcycle platform. The Piaggio MP3 offered a tall windscreen with roof as an option. With increasingly strict environmental laws , including United States emission standards and European emission standards , more scooters are using four-stroke engines again.

In , Aprilia released the SR50 Ditech with direct injection. Later on, more brands, including Derbi and Peugeot , started using direct injection systems for their scooters. Catalytic converters are now common in two-stroke and four-stroke engines sold in the E.

Generally, the source of power for the electric motor has been batteries , but development in fuel cell technology has created several prototypes. Also, petroleum hybrid-electric motorcycles are available. Electric motorcycles and scooters are rising in popularity because of higher gasoline prices. Battery technology is gradually improving making this form of transportation more practical.

An underbone is a motorcycle built on a chassis consisting mostly of a single large diameter tube. An underbone differs from a conventional motorcycle mainly by not having a structural member connecting the head stock to the structure under the front of the seat and by not having a fuel tank or similarly styled appendage in the space between the riders knees. Underbones are commonly referred to as "step-throughs" and appeal to both genders in much the same way as scooters. Underbones are often mistaken for scooters and are sometimes marketed as such.

However, an underbone does not have a footboard, and is therefore not a scooter.


Первым транспортным средством для многих молодых людей становится легкий и экономичный мопед или удобный скутер. К сожалению, не все знают, в чем заключается разница между скутером и мопедом. Некоторые девушки вообще не вполне представляют себе, что такое скутер и каковы его достоинства. Между тем, вопрос не так уж сложен даже для человека, абсолютно не имеющего представления о технике.

Значение слова «скутер»

Elements of scooter design were present in some of the earliest motorcycles, and scooters have been made since at least The original layout is still widely used in this application. Scooters are popular for personal transportation partly due to being more affordable, easier to operate, and more convenient to park and store than a car. Licensing requirements for scooters are easier and cheaper than for cars in most parts of the world, and insurance is usually cheaper.

Одноместный спортивный глиссер с подвесным двигателем. Источник печатная версия : Словарь русского языка: В 4-х т. Источник: Википедия. Быстроходная лодка с подвесным мотором. Ушакова ; электронная версия : Фундаментальная электронная библиотека. Источник: Викисловарь.

Быстроходная лодка с подвесным мотором.

Консультация здесь - это удобно, без телефонов, e-mail, регистрации и рекламы, для всех городов России. На этой странице Вы задаете свой вопрос и через некоторое время Вы можете прочитать ответ юриста.

В пресс-службе отметили, что на форуме присутствовали представители органов власти, руководители таксомоторных компаний, а также иностранные и российские разработчики решений в сфере перевозок. В том случае, если был замечен изъян, делается фотография и высылается администраторам. Мужчина отмечает, что после того как он написал в техподдержку, машина с плохо читаемыми номерами еще была доступна для аренды. Теперь он должен прийти в суд 9 июля.

Я в доме могу люстру подключить. За рулем тоже .

Заполнение табеля при сменном графике работы сотрудников предусматривает отметку часов в те дни, когда он фактически выполнял свои производственные функции. Бывают случаи, что во время отпуска сотрудник заболел. Он имеет право оформить больничный лист на период болезни. Когда он предоставит лист нетрудоспособности в кадровую службу своего предприятия, то отпуск должен быть продлен на то количество дней, которое указано в больничном.

Обязательно указывайте должности тех, кто принимал участие в возникшем конфликте. Однако, сама структура обращения имеет довольно четкую форму. Срок рассмотрения вашего обращения не должен составлять больше месяца.

ску́-тер. 1. то же, что мотороллер. 2. то же, что кикборд. 3. то же, что гидроцикл.

В нашу бесплатную он-лайн юридическую консультацию входит консультирование по вопросам действующего законодательства Украины. Мы ежедневно проводим юридические консультации для физических, юридических лиц и индивидуальных предпринимателей. Наша компания имеет большую клиентскую базу и регулярно оказывает юридические консультации клиентам компании. На сайте представлена актуальная информация по всем отраслям права, реализованы удобные системы навигации и поиска.

Но если есть хоть какие-то из перечисленных ниже доказательств, подтверждающие сотрудничество. Суд не вправе отказать в принятии и удовлетворении искового заявления.

Напомним, что в соответствии со ст. Собственники жилых помещений вправе заключить соглашение между собой и производить оплату жилого помещения и коммунальных услуг на основании одного платёжного документа.

Такие долги в силу различных обстоятельств возникают практически у каждого человека. Но есть категория злостных неплательщиков, с которыми нужно бороться всеми законными методами. Правда, нельзя предпринимать какие-либо действия, не отправив уведомление о наличии долга.

Юридический адрес: 353411, Краснодарский край. Сообщение: Введите сообщение Сотовый телефон: Введите номер телефона Нажимая кнопку "Отправить заявку" вы соглашаетесь с Политикой конфиденциальности компании UrentCar и даете согласие на обработку персональных данных. X ГЛАВНАЯ РЕГИСТРАЦИЯ ПРАВИЛА ТАРИФЫ КАРТА ПАРКОВКА БОНУСЫ НОВОСТИ БАЙКШЕРИНГ Начало использования Сервисом может воспользоваться любой гражданин РФ возрастом старше 25 лет и имеющий стаж вождения не менее 1 года.

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